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Our Products

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Our PET Strapping has a higher tensile strength than PP strapping, there are embossed and smooth for your choice. It covers for heavy duties usage that calculated in tons. It is user friendly and cost effective than the steel strapping.


We also manufacture the PP strapping (Polypropelene) according to the range of your choice, such as widths, colours and thicknesses.

PP Strapping are most common strapping for wide range of applications, from light packaging like paper boxes to the heavy packaging like wooden boxes by using semi-auto machine or full-auto machines.

Hand Held Machines

Hand held strapping machine is energy-efficient strapping system, it is portable and user friendly, it speed up the time for packaging and easy to carry around inside the warehouse and cost efficient for your packaging choice.

PET Pneumatic Machine

Hand Held Machine

× User friendly, pneumatic high power set.

× Use of friction heat welding, beautiful and

   reliable interface.

× High degree of automation, tension, welding


Semi-Auto Rechargeable

Hand Held Machine

× Portable and user friendly.

× Speed up the time for packaging.

× Easy to carry around inside the warehouse.

× Rechargeable battery which cost efficient.

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